I heard you….

So a couple of days ago I quit a job that I both loved and despised.  I had moved quite far up the corporate ladder in my profession and always enjoyed being a manager.  Things changed rapidly where I worked.  No longer was the environment conducive to servant leadership.  My position would be holding the thumb down on a team that overall works well.  I’m changing industries and instead of it being intimidated, I’m looking forward to it.

There’s a freedom that I haven’t felt in a long time.  I no longer have to incessantly check my phone for the next email I must respond to.  I no longer have to answer the phone on the weekend or dread the Monday morning deluge of crazy.  The first day I kept checking my phone.  Here it is day 3 and I’m watching TV on it rather than fretting over what I need to do.

A month ago, I was home sick with the stomach flu.  Rather than resting, I was fielding phone calls and answering questions.  I was charged for a sick day but worked the entire time.  Sometimes you have to recognize the insanity to change it.

So I’m taking a pay cut.  Not a huge one, but substantial enough that it caused me to cringe.  But in the long run it has more potential for earnings.  I’m relieved and happy.  I keep telling myself that.

My grandmother once said on her deathbed, “Time moves slow when you’re miserable.”  Those words have caused me to make big changes in my life.  I thought of them when I realized how soul sapping my situation was.  The other morning I was walking my dog and I saw practically those very words written on a sidewalk.  I’d like to think it was from her.  That she was helping me yet again out of situation that was making me unhappy.  Thanks Mama.  I heard you.



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